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Strategic Marketing Plans

To be successful online requires a business to implement a variety of website marketing tactics and strategies. The strategic marketing plans that are assembled by AOM Services take a look at the entire “big picture” of online marketing from finding the audience, creating an audience, creating sales, creating repeat business, on-page website factors and more. We include every detail needed for success in a clearly defined and easy to follow plan that is specific to that business’s market, products or services. The plan even includes how to cross promote products or services on your website, upselling, automatic follow up email responders and a lot more to increase business revenue.

However, before any plan is created we meet with the business to find out what their key goals are, their budget and what resources they have to allocate to the success of their website. Every business is different. Some businesses have full marketing teams while other companies have just a few employees. No matter the size of your team, AOM Services can provide a full suite of marketing essentials to accompany the strategic marketing plan.

Avoid Hiring or “Onboarding” Mistakes

When it comes to online marketing there are very few “tricks” up the sleeves of marketers anymore. Meaning, what someone can do to market your business is limited by the budget allocated to the marketing department. There is no such thing as “special tricks.” For years now, every form of online marketing has been picked apart and dissected down to what works and what is a waste of time. If someone says they have marketing “tricks” or “special tactics” they are blowing smoke trying to exploit the individual who is not an expert in the area of online marketing. Our strategic marketing plans incorporate tried and true methods that have generated over $300 million in online revenue for various clients.

If your business does not have a marketing department or marketing person, hiring a 3rd party company like AOM Services means your budget dollars will work harder and faster than hiring or onboarding any individual. We do not punch a time clock or take breaks; our team is massive and works around the clock to ensure your marketing is successful for your business.

Another mistake to avoid, is hiring someone fresh out of college to handle marketing. Too often we see business owners that are out of touch with technology hire someone under qualified to run their social media marketing. The thought process there is typically that the business owner thinks someone younger has had more experience in social media and would be better off running the business’s social media because “they know how it works.” However, what these business owners fail to realize is that they are placing their business’s online reputation in the hands of someone who doesn’t see the “big picture” and is often under qualified to handle social media marketing.

On the other hand, we see companies who want to hire someone in marketing to take over the budgets, multiple projects, developments, creation and project management. Typically the company wants this new individual to handle all aspects of these responsibilities. However, too often these companies place a salary for the position that is lucrative to the company but similar to what any other entry level position in the company will pay. The best marketers are the most expensive people to hire. They generate leads for sales reps, online sales, revenue and keep the business growing. If your company is looking at hiring an individual for entry level pay, you will not be onboarding or hiring a successful marketer. Often these entry level marketers will simply allocate the portions of their job responsibilities that they were hired for to a 3rd party like AOM Services. When that happens, the company then uses a large portion of their marketing budget to pay for the individual’s salary and a portion of the budget to pay for the 3rd party marketing services. That is essentially paying for the same services twice. The company thinks they have a great marketer when in reality that individual only hired another marketing company to do their job. This weakens the strength of budget dollars. For example, instead of an extra $60,000 to allocate to advertisement spend to directly increase sales; the $60,000 is essentially wasted on a person who is simply relaying messages between the business executives and the 3rd party marketing company.

Avoid hiring or “onboarding” mistakes, work with AOM Services directly to write the strategic marketing plan and execute it. We make marketing simple. We provide complete reports and transparency so your business will know exactly what we are doing with your budget dollars and the impact they have had on your business.

Strategic Marketing Plan Process

Regardless if you have been performing marketing for 20 years or this is your first time at marketing, the process and implementation of our strategic marketing plan is straight forward and highly effective. We meet with your business either over the phone or a virtual meeting on the computer. During this meeting we learn about your business, products or services. We also take into account how your business is setup for sales, meaning if your business has a sales department we will focus on generating leads for this department and so on. We learn about your goals, your budget, your market and your historical approach to marketing.

After we have gathered those necessary details, we then discuss how future marketing initiatives will be executed by either the business or AOM Services. Once we understand how to build out the plan of execution we can then start on the market research to provide the strategic marketing plan with current market data.

Market Research

The strategic marketing plan created by AOM Services consists of all the strategies and tactics recommended for your business based on the market, your goals and budget. Commonly we focus on areas where the highest converting raffic is found online that will generate leads and sales for your website. During the market research we will identify several factors. Overall, there are up to 25 different strategies we perform market research for. Each of these strategies also include several tactics that the website or business should implement.

An example of a market research would be to provide a list of keywords we have identified as highly profitable and obtainable keywords for your business. This is also one part of our search engine optimization strategy. We would then list tactics to implement to make your website rank for these highly profitable keywords.

Strategic Marketing Plan Implementation

After the strategic marketing plan has been created and delivered to your business, it can be implemented in two different ways. Either your business can take the brunt of the workload and implement the plan yourselves or you can contract AOM Services to complete the marketing plan on your behalf.

If your business is going to implement the marketing plan, make sure you have a team of expert marketers on staff. The strategies and tactics outlined require the following to be successful: proper budget management, ability to handle multiple projects, ability to handle multiple developments, expert knowledge of online tactic execution, experience implementing marking plans, creation of marketing collateral and project management.

If you are going to contract AOM Services to complete the marketing plan on your behalf, let us know during the planning process so we can implement a timeline and benchmark goals. We will then provide complete transparency that will include continual reporting and updates with the plans progression. Many strategies and tactics are not outlined on our website and will only be included as services if we create the strategic marketing plan. We will offer a monthly rate, timeline and benchmark goals. Once the budget has been approved we will start the implementation of the strategic marketing plan which can save several thousands of budget dollars from purchasing each service à la carte.

Strategic Marketing Plan Impact and Guarantee

Growing a business can be difficult, but with a strategic marketing plan from AOM Services it is as simple as following the plan or giving us the go-ahead to implement the plan. The results may vary business-to-business, but this is guaranteed: your business will grow and you will realize an impressive ROI from implementing a strategic marketing plan from AOM Services. If you choose to implement the plan yourself and do not find success, we offer free support to help guide you in the right direction. If we implement the plan, you will find success almost immediately or we will simply refund the cost of the strategic marketing plan.


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