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Video Marketing

There are many reasons a business should incorporate video marketing into their strategy. Perhaps the most impressive reason, in regards to generating traffic to your website, is the amount of users you can reach with video marketing. For example, Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine whose pages are also indexed and displayed in Google Search Results. This means that often your videos can be found ranking faster and higher in the search engine results than just posting the video on your website.

Another reason to implement video marketing is click through rate. Videos that are optimized correctly have over a 50% click-through rate to the website listed in the description. That means on average, every-other-person to view your video will visit your website.Video marketing translates directly into increases in website traffic, leads, sales and ultimately revenue.

Video marketing also has great exposure to reach a large audience. In fact, in 2013 Youtube was watched for more hours than every cable network in the US combined for the age group of 18-34. This means creating a strong presence will have your content viewed for more time and by more people than purchasing an ad on cable TV.

Video: Define Your Brand, Message and Audience

Depending on the nature of your topic, theme or video your videos can be as simple as a recorded PowerPoint presentation or as advanced as a movie made for Youtube. The style in which your video is made should reflect your brand, messaging and audience.

For example, PowerPoint presentations work great for complex IT presentations. You are able to showcase your brand, clearly define your messaging and the audience is usually there for the knowledge not entertainment.

However, PowerPoint presentations do not make a quality video advertisement. If you do not have videos created, we will work with you to define your brand, message and audience. If you already have videos developed, we will pinpoint your targeted audience online.

How AOM Services Markets Videos

There are a number of methods AOM Services uses to market videos to your targeted audience online.

Google Search Engine: Youtube is a PR9 website, meaning it has a lot of authority. Since Youtube has a lot of authority, it can easily rank within the first page of the rankings on the Google search engine. This means more video views and more of your content ranking in the top 10 search results for your highly profitable keywords. To achieve this we use our search engine optimization strategies as we create the video page on Youtube.

Video Advertisement: A video advertisement is a short 10-30 second video that plays directly before a video is watched on Youtube. The setup is through Google Adwords and can be monitored though Adwords and Youtube Analytics. Similar to Adwords for Search, you can define what keywords and audience will be seeing your video advertisement. Video advertisement budgets can run from $100-$100,000 (and up). The payment is directly to Google Adwords and will be setup to automatically bill a credit card on file within the Adwords console. With any video marketing package, AOM Services does not charge for setting up video advertisements using Google Adwords.

Themed Video Blogging Sites: The only way to achieve critical mass, or “going viral” with your video is if people see the video. One of the best ways to achieve this is by submitting the video to theme based video blogging sites. The users on these sites are dedicated video viewers and have built networks of friends they will then share a video with, thus increasing the number of views substantially. Often the videos from the video blogs help with social media marketing because users will link to the video post on the video blog from their Facebook, Twitter and Google + accounts.

Common Interest Sites: Websites which share a similar topic or theme but are not in direct competition are referred to as common interest sites for video marketing. These websites will often place visitor submitted content on their core pages of their site linking to your website or video. This in turn creates powerful back links that increase your video’s or website’s authority on your theme, topic, brand name or keywords.

Setting Benchmark Goals

Realistic benchmark goal setting is determined by several factors including: market research, quality of the video, audience, theme, topic and duration of the campaign. We assess every one of these factors in great detail before assigning realistic benchmark goals. This is done to prevent the “sky is the limit” idea where someone develops a seemly mediocre video then expects it to reach a million views in a few weeks. If our goal assessment does not fit your preceding expectations, we will provide a detailed explanation. Email us for a free assessment: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Operational Process for Video Marketing

Our process is simple. Send us your video or have us create your video and we will put together an action plan stating exactly what is going to happen during the video marketing process. Also included in the action plan are benchmark goals which clearly define a timeline and expected video viewers as well as expected number of visitors to your website. We do not house the video content; your video will be uploaded to your video channel. If you do not have a page or channel one will be created and you will be granted access as the owner of your channel.


All video marketing packages include video marketing strategy, action plan, benchmark goals, reporting, video advertisement setup and full support.

Email us for a direct quote for your project: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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