Have us create a social following and increase revenue for your business.


Social Media Marketing

The reason to be involved with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Pintrest is to find and connect with people online who would be interested in something related to your business, brand, product, service, overall theme or topic. Having the ability to send a message to one person is great, having the ability to put in the same effort and have your message sent to tens of thousands of people is even better.

Having a large social media presence is exactly this: a large audience that you can send your messages to online. Often these messages will even be shared within the individual user’s network which can grow your reach even further beyond your own social network.

The strategic reason to grow your social media networks is to provide your business with a large database of people who you can easily share your content with. Such content shared might be a press release, product announcement, brand update, special offers, new product launches and so on. The larger the network becomes, the more people that you will be able to reach immediately. As a result, the social networks can drive more traffic, hundreds or thousands of additional leads, sales and increase revenue for your business or website.

Have us create a social following and increase revenue for your business.

Why focus on the top 5 social networks?

Everyone likes to consume their content differently. Some individuals prefer reading short 140 character posts like the tweets found on Twitter. Other individuals prefer having the new information updated on their wall feed on Facebook. The main reason you create a presence in each social network is to provide all these different users access to your content in their preferred method of consumption.

Additionally, focusing on the top 5 groups allows the resources that are allocated to social media growth to have the largest impact in the largest networks of people online. A lot of social media websites have come and gone over the years. Spending time, money and developing a presence is not a simple task. Selecting the top 5 social networking sites is the best way to ensure your following and groups stay alive and stay on the internet.

How does AOM Services grow a large social media following?

The underlying focus of content created by AOM Services is to create communication that appeals to the targeted demographics by means of relating the content to the audience’s psychographics.

Some of the demographics we focus on are: age, race, gender, states, cities, religion and language.

Psychographics are simply a person’s or a group of people’s interests. Some of the psychographics we focus on are: cultural, heart and soul, health, professional, political, interests, hobbies, technology, foods and beverages, travel, play and quirks.

After we determine the target demographics and psychographics we then build highly targeted social media campaigns to grow your following across the top 5 social media networks. While we always try to create the best content, creating content that goes viral, meaning content that receives hundreds or thousands of shares, mentions, likes, tweets, +1’s or other social interactions is not always an easy task to achieve. The growth we aim for is achieved through a number of different strategies and tactics. Some include:

  • Creating images designed to generate a lot of social feedback and action
  • Creating a topic or question to provoke two-way dialog between the group, it’s members and the topic or question
  • Creating high-quality content on your website or blog that is linked to from the social networks
  • Developing market influencer lists for further reach of the social content
  • Creation of social media advertisements
  • And much more.

Social Media Advertisements

The social media advertisements are available on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Recently Facebook has created the ability to advertise directly on a targeted audiences news feed. This has created several large group followings, high click through rates, likes, shares and conversions. The news feed advertisements can range between .10cents a click to several dollars per click and is all depending on your market size and goals.

If this type of advertisement appeals to your business, monthly budgets can be set during the planning process. Average monthly budgets for advertisements can range from $100-$10,000 (and up). Our advertisement targeting methods as well as our existing database ensure you pay the lowest possible amount per action, view or click.

The research, design, reporting, development and maintenance of all social advertisements are included at no additional cost in any of our social marketing packages.

Social Media Planning Process

In order to ensure the social media campaigns start without a hitch, we have procured a planning process that incorporates all aspects of the campaign from start to finish. During this process we will meet with your team to discuss benchmark goals such as: expected number of followers, time to reach the expected number of followers, budgets for advertisements spend, corporate branding, messaging criteria and so on.

Social Media and Search Results

Unknown to a majority of businesses is the impact a successful campaign can have on your search engine ranking positions for your targeted keywords. Social media activity, that is to say likes, shares, tweets, +1’s and comments have become one of the most important ranking factors or "signals" for the search engines. Websites that experience this strong social sharing vastly outperform websites with low to no interaction from their social networks. A successful campaign will help the website to achieve more traffic from the search engines which can lead to increases in sales, leads and revenue which helps to realize your return on investment much faster.

Integrated in our social media packages is the process in which we make sure your website, blog, forum or product pages are outfitted with the correct social commenting and social sharing applications. If they do not exist, we will create them and implement the applications on your website. If they already exist, we will test to make sure they have been implemented correctly. Not all like, share or comment buttons/widgets/plugins/applications are created equally.

Expected Market Results

We can grow any businesses social network. The extent to which it can grow is determined entirely by your business. For example, if you have a local flower shop business selling flowers to a dozen nearby cities we cannot expect your following to exceed certain levels. Often when we are meeting with business owners they expect to automatically have millions people following them online.

We want to develop a community that is based around your business. Building a quality group can take time. Next, if you are the flower shop and there are only 200,000 people in your designated marketing area, it would be pretty hard to expect millions of followers online or to even expect every single one of the 200,000 people in the area to follow your groups online.

Therefore, we set reasonable expectations for the number of followers across the top 5 social media groups based on your budget, timelines and the designated marketing area which includes the size of your market, the competition in your market and how viable your business is.


Rates may fluctuate based on your business. Email us for an exact quote: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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One of the most common issues we run into is business owners do not have enough time or resources to hire / manage / monitor and train somebody inside the business to run their social media. Think about it, would you really want your online reputation in the hands of anything short of a professional?

Social media is meant to be focused on your business, providing creative content is only one part of the user’s experience. We deliver creative content that generates targeted responses from your network and will keep your members active and engaged in your social networks allowing for continued growth.

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Tracking and monitoring is included in all packages. It also provides necessary benchmarks for measuring month to month improvements. We will provide a detailed report from your social network that will show and track many key performance indicators (KPI's).

Our social network competitor audit will show you exactly what brands or businesses are in your niche, their social network followings, promotions and other useful information that will help the growth and scalability of your social network.

If applicable to your business, social network designs should get a refresh once in a while. This is why we offer to redesign and rebuild your social network groups to help further promote interaction, engagement and growth of your social network following.

The internet does a lot of things for the average user: empowers, enlightens and even entertains. Our goal is to engage a targeted audience through clever & thoughtful content posting to keep your audience entertained while connecting them to your social network, website, brand and business.

Social media activity has become an increasingly important ranking factor or "signal" for search engines. Sites that experience strong social sharing perform better in organic search results. Put your social network and blog on auto pilot today.