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How AOM Services does Search Engine Optimization



What is Search Engine Domination?

Often there are a plethora of different terms and acronyms used to describe different techniques or strategies to be successful in the search engines. We coined this term to wrap up everything one would need to be successful in the top 3 search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search engine domination includes: search engine optimization (seo), search engine marketing (sem), search engine visibility, search engine strategy and search engine ranking position reporting.

We will start by explaining our process with search engine optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization?

People all over the world use a search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo every second of every day all year long to find what they are searching for. These people might be customers, clients, product researchers, service researchers or people using the engine to find general information about businesses, products or services similar to your offerings. The information they find is stored on websites, blogs, forums, news articles and product pages. Search engine optimization makes your website, blogs, forums, news articles or product pages appear on the first page of the search engines in front of the people that are searching for keywords, phrases queries or questions about your business, products, services or offerings.

Search Engine Terms & Keyword Research

The first step of any search engine optimization project is to identify a few hundred search terms that people are actually using in the engine and to make sure these terms are related to your brand, product, service and/or business. This is also known as keyword research.

These keywords are then split into several groups. For example, if your website is already online you might already have existing search traffic from the engines for several keywords. We would call this category of keywords “Ranked Search Engine Terms.” Next we develop a highly targeted list that we call the “short list.” This short list contains keywords that will be most profitable to your business. These words might be the name of your product, service or offerings. We then create theme keywords which are search terms that are relevant to your websites overall topic or theme.

There is even a category for branded keywords which are keywords that include your businesses name. Often branded keywords will automatically rank #1 if your website has been properly optimized because the search engines know your business name and associate these keywords to it. We then split the remaining keywords into derivative and semantic keyword lists.

We send weekly reports showcasing the keywords which gained traction in the search engine and increased in search engine ranking positions as well as including the entire spreadsheet of keywords so you can have a thorough review.

How Are the Keywords Selected?

Working closely together, we determine the main keywords that are relevant to your existing ranked keywords, short list keywords, theme keywords, branded keywords, derivative keywords and semantic keywords. We then use advanced software that gives us the much required data needed to make sure a keyword is worth adding to one of the lists.

AOM Services uses software that is far beyond what is available inside free tools such as Google Adwords keyword research tool. Our software shows us the exact number of searches that are performed each day for a specified keyword/search query/phrase.

Our software also provides the necessary data required to ensure keywords we target are obtainable. The data shows:

  • Expected maximum potential daily clicks that a #1 ranked site for that keyword could potentially achieve
  • A percentage based on a calculation between the keywords usage in the broad sense or exact target keyword
  • Monthly Search Trends
  • The total number of webpages that globally mention the specific keyword
  • The total number of webpages globally that mention all of the words in a keyword term in the title of a page
  • The total number of webpages globally that mention a specific keyword term in the same word order in their URL
  • A ratio between number of webpages that mention the specific keyword and number of websites that mention the keyword in the title of a page to indicate competition in a market

Using this data, we are able to make data driven decisions and select keywords that will generate the highest potential traffic in the shortest period of time meaning you will realize an increase in traffic, leads, sales, revenue and ROI much faster.

SEO Competition

In any market, regardless of how niche it might be, there will always be competition online for all keywords and phrases. This competition can be the difference between successful seo initiatives and failure. Selecting the wrong keywords can leave a website far from the front page and away from the people searching for your brand, product or service. In fact, a mere 18% of all search queries actually make it to the second page of the search engine. This means if your website and keyword is not ranked in the top 10 positions you are missing out on traffic, opportunities, sales and revenue.

Our software goes in-depth on the competition, far beyond any free tools such as Google Adwords which only shows you “high, medium or low” competition for each keyword. With our software we are able to identify important details about each keyword which shows us if the keyword has the potential to reach a top 10 ranking and the estimated amount of time it will take to obtain these rankings. We base this information on the following factors for the websites that are already ranking in the top 10 positions:

  • Competition’s PageRank PR0-PR9 (PR0 is a new site or no authority, PR9 is highest authority)
  • Competition’s domain age
  • Competition’s citation flow which is a measure of a web page’s importance to a keyword
  • Competition’s trust flow which is a measure of a web page’s authority & trustworthiness to a keyword
  • Competition’s index count which is the number of pages indexed by the search engine
  • Competition’s referring domains which is a number of other domains linking to them
  • Number of pages on a domain pointing to the competition’s page
  • Total number of backlinks pointing to the competition’s page ranking in the top 10
  • Total number of backlinks pointing to the competition’s domain
  • Total number of .edu and .gov backlinks pointing to the competition’s domain
  • If the competition used the keyword in the title on the page ranking in the top 10
  • If the competition used the keyword in the URL on the page ranking in the top 10
  • If the competition used the keyword in the description on the page ranking in the top 10
  • If the competition used the keyword in the header on the page ranking in the top 10
  • Competition's content length and quality

Identifying each of these areas makes the difference between selecting keywords that never gain any ranking positions or selecting keywords that can rank in the top 1-10 positions in the search engine within a few months.

Our keyword research processes have been 100% successful throughout the years regardless of panda, penguin or any other search engine algorithm change, modification or penalty. Simply put, picking the correct keywords will bring more traffic, leads, sales and revenue to your website so you can realize a substantial return on your investment. Email us today for your free competition analysis: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Free Website SEO Audit

We have worked with hundreds of websites over the years. Some are optimized, very few are optimized correctly. Often webmasters will make an attempt at search engine optimization from a blog post they read or add something they heard works to improve their rankings. Then they go about their business and neglect to monitor the analytics properly. Meanwhile they have a massive fall off in search traffic because they have implemented something that does not improve their rankings. We take the guess work out and we eliminate trial and error tasks.

Our free website SEO audit focuses on the following technical Factors:

Desktop speed, mobile speed, W3C markup errors, WWW redirect, URL structure, Canonicalization tags, robots.txt, XML & HTML Sitemaps, Favicon, 404 Error Page, Rich Snippet Markup, Correct Doctype, Language Encoding, Backlinks, and 404 redirects.

We also focus on the on-page factors:

Page titles, Image sizes, Image file names, Image alt tags, Image title tags, Social Media Connections, Header Tags, Meta Keywords, Meta descriptions, Text content, Keyword Consistency, Indexed Pages, Internal linking Structure and Privacy Policy.

With our free website audit, we will be looking at much more than simple factors found in the source code. We will be looking at a variety of pages on your website that greatly affect the results of your search engine ranking positions. Our free audit comprises 70% of the details we optimize a website for. The remaining 30% will be added during the strategic action plan. To sign up for a free site audit simply send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Building a Strategic Action Plan

After the keywords, competition, technical and on-page details have been clearly identified; we are now able to construct a strategic action plan to fully optimize your website to be found in search.

There are several variables that are included in this action plan. Each variable is carefully thought out so the entire plan will flow seamlessly from beginning to end. However, when it comes to the search engines there is no preverbal “end” in sight. After all, if you are in a medium to highly competitive market, your competition will respond to losing their rankings to your website. At which time we would need to respond and gain the search engine ranking position back which simply creates more work that needs to be done.

Often companies want to rank for dozens if not hundreds and some even want to rank for thousands of keywords. Ranking for many keywords can be challenging. For example, some websites have no content, small amounts of content or low quality content. This requires content to be created by AOM Services or provided by your business. Each website is unique and as such, it will present unique requirements to overcome each challenge. We will clearly identify and cover these requirements thoroughly in the action plan.

After we have presented your business with our action plan you will begin adding the missing details to the plan. Such details might be telling us who will be responsible for the content: Content provided by AOM Services, Images to be provided by AOM Services, Blog to be built by AOM Services, blog content to be written in-house by the business etc.

These details are crucial for mapping time of completion for the benchmark goals. Once we have all of the required details we will finalize the action plan and you will sign your approval for the project to be invoiced and we will execute the plan.

Executing a Strategic Action Plan

Execution of a strategic action plan for search engine optimization is very straight forward. We will create a duplicate copy of your existing website where we will make the required changes. Once the changes have been made we will submit for your approval. Often the completion of the action plan can take weeks or even months to finish and is entirely based on the predetermined benchmark goals found in the action plan.

Revisions, additions or changes can be made to the action plan at any time. Additional fees might result from requested changes.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing requires a monthly budget to directly pay the search engine for traffic to be brought to your website from the search engine. Often this traffic is the same or similar to keywords identified from our keyword research. If you are signing up for a search engine domination package, we do not charge a fee for setting up and maintaining these pay-per-click or pay-per-view advertisements.

However, services like Google Adwords do require your website to have proper landing pages that fit within their quality guidelines. Developing and creating landing pages is not included and will be billed separately.

Average monthly budgets can range from $100-$30,000 (and up) and it is 100% based on your goals, market and business. For example, if you are selling a new widget in a market with very little to no competition it is likely you can expect to pay around $.40cents per click. If you are a law firm specializing in mesothelioma cases in New York City you can expect to pay around $120 per click.


Search Engine Domination Plans can range from $1,000 to $30,000 per month.

Rates are based on your goals, market and business.

E-mail us for a quote This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1.402.237.8736

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Our business is steady but we would like to see an increase, also we have noticed a drop in our rankings for certain keywords

Our team provided an in-depth report on the competitors backlink network and content strategy, it was determined additional content was needed on their website along with additional links containing keyword optimized anchor text backlinks. As a result of our changes they are receiving more first page rankings and ranking above their competition for their targeted keywords.

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We have around 30 first page rankings and would like to expand our reach by covering more keywords. However, we do not have resources available to allocate to content writing, I am not sure how else to do this, is this something AOM Services can help us out with?

Our team certainly helped out, we inspected their website and found hundreds of areas that were missing crucial data. We promptly fixed these areas resulting in a 300% increase in first page keyword rankings.

I noticed a few websites have stars below the link to their website on Google. I also noticed some websites have an image of the author. I know I clicked on these more than websites who didn’t have this. My question is, can I have this added to my website?

We were able to add the “stars and their image” it is called rich snippet markup data & authorship. The data is provided directly to Google when they crawl your site.

I had somebody build my company a website but I cannot reach the person and I don’t have any details on how to change our site, we currently do not show up in Google but we do send people to the website for more information about our construction business. Also, the summer months are my busy season so I have no time to really be involved, can you help?

We gladly let him know that we can track down the previous website owner for him, upon doing so we were given the login details to the site. It was determined to move the site from Iweb to Joomla CMS as Iweb no longer is being supported. From here we re-created his website and optimized it for his local business. We also let him know that he is free to continue to work his business and that he can leave the website details to us with confidence.

We are not getting as much traffic as we would like to see for a main keyword. We have been actively trying to increase our rankings for this term for the past 28 months with no luck in moving past the 5th position. Would you be able to help us rank #1 for this term?

We took a look at the top 4 competitor’s link network and noticed they all had used a lot of spam websites to create an artificial page rank which was keeping them at the top. Upon inspecting the links we reported the links to Google and a few days later their sales increased 474% as a result of being #1 for their keyword.

We were having issues ranking better for a few terms. AOM Services found our competitors had built a link network full of spam websites and notified Google on our behalf, a couple of days later our competitors were removed giving our website #1 rankings for the terms we were after.

Smart Health Shop

Our dedicated team developers have your website fully covered, backed up and protected during any project. You can rest assured that we take every precaution to ensure a perfect delivery of our services, and if your website happens to go down on you, we can fully restore the site and have you back online within a matter of minutes.

Now that we have aligned our website in the proper consumer terms that our new clients were searching, our online sales have increased 34% in the last 3 months thanks to the SEO work performed by AOM Services.

New Horizons, CLC