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Content Creation

What is content? Content is what a person reads or views on a website, blog or marketing collateral. Content can include images, graphics, text, case studies, press releases, infographics, blog posts and more.

Creating high quality content month after month for several years can be quite challenging for most businesses. A lot of work is involved to create great content. A business must allocate or hire staff to research the market, create content lists and then develop that content to a certain set of industry expectations. For most businesses this is is a task that has not been perfected. That is why AOM Services has procured a process of content creation that delivers high quality content for your website, blog or marketing collateral.

What is High Quality Content?

Have you ever shared an article or webpage with someone else? The answer is likely yes. But why did you share that page and not others? It could be you found it interesting and thought that person receiving your shared content would also find it interesting. Or it could even be related to a previous conversation you had with that person. No matter what the reason is for sharing the webpage was, it is likely that the content on the page was high quality.

There are several factors that make high quality content. Examples of a few of these factors are: writer’s perspective, well written, grammar, vocabulary, research, writer’s voice, unbiased, topical, timely, relevance, imagery, length, helpfulness, bridge informational gaps, attention to detail, well edited, insightful analysis, interesting information, comprehensive descriptions, uniqueness, describe all sides of a story, original, topic driven by genuine interest, written by an expert or enthusiast and much more.

Combining all these factors and more is not an easy task for the average person. It takes a highly skilled professional writer to create high quality content on a regular basis.

Why Create High Quality Content?

If content is being created and published on your website that is anything less than high quality, it is a waste of time and might actually be hurting your website. Since 2011, Google has increasingly made their “Panda” algorithm change widely known. The “Panda” update specifically targets websites with low or poor quality content and applies a penalty to these website’s search engine rankings. This means less traffic, sales and revenue for your business as a result of publishing low or poor quality content on your website. Panda is also just one of over 500 search improvements Google rolled out that year.

Creating high quality content ensures your website will maintain search rankings or improve search rankings. It also creates a lot of additional traffic from users who read your high quality content then share with their own networks. This in turn strengthens your website’s authority because every “like” or share has the potential to create a lot of backlinks to your website. The more backlinks, the more authority your website builds and the easier it becomes to produce high quality content that easily ranks in the top 10 of the search results. The more pages you have ranking in the top 10 of the search results, the more traffic, leads, sales and revenue your business makes.

Be More Profitable with High Quality Content

Far too often businesses focus on their website’s appearance and spend the bulk (if not all) of their budget on how the website looks. When this happens, it leaves out the development of necessary high quality content which causes these websites to rank poorly in the search engines. Often these businesses will then have to then spend large amounts of money on online advertisements to gain enough visitors to match their website’s revenue goals.

That is not a highly profitable online business strategy. Often when we meet with companies who have been down that path their response to their website is “We tried to make money with our website and it didn’t work well for us.”

If they had properly developed the high quality content blended with their website’s appearance their website could have produced more organic (free) traffic, leads, sales and revenue. Then they could have used a portion of the online revenue generated from the free organic search to pay for the online advertisements. Using organic search revenue to pay for online advertisements further increases sales and makes their online business much more profitable.

Types of High Quality Content and Our Process

AOM Services provides high quality, professional content. The content we develop is: website pages, case studies, press releases, infographics, blog posts, images and graphics.

Our process is simple. Send us an email with your requirements and we will perform the research, our professional writers and designers will develop the content. Once the content is developed we will then send you a draft copy to be approved. Once the draft is approved, we will fill in the rest of the details and send a final copy to be approved. If revisions are needed, simply note what should be added or changed and we will work the revisions into the content. We do not charge for revisions. Average turn around can be as fast as 5 business days or several weeks depending on the requirements, number of pieces and the length of the content.


Our rates can be flexible and are determined by the requirements of each project.
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