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Online Advertisements

If your business has allocated a budget for online advertisements or is considering allocating a budget for online advertisements, then it is important to make every effort possible to ensure you receive the largest possible return on your investment. In order to have a substantial ROI from online advertisements it is important that the following factors are considered.

Having the ability to advertise on websites, search engines, social media networks and Youtube gives your business a lot of choices. Many of these networks have the ability to reach millions of internet users around the world. How do you select the correct network? AOM Services will select the best networks that will match your campaign goals to the correct network. Our methodology will decrease the cost-per-acquisition so you will pay the least amount possible for pay-per-click, pay-per-view or pay-per-action advertisements which will make the return on the investment realized much sooner.

Advertisement Details

Let AOM Services manage your:

  • Advertisement Network
  • Advertisement Budget
  • Website Conversion Rate
  • Quality of Advertisements
  • Quality of Landing Page
  • Landing Page Message & Audience
  • Advertisement Audience & Messages
  • Targeted Audience & Segmentation
  • Targeted Device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Advertisement Remarketing
  • Length of Advertisement Campaigns
  • Benchmark Goals of Advertisement Campaigns

Advertisement Budget

Advertisement budgets are built around marketing goals or the funds that are allocated to the ad spend for the fiscal year. Monthly spend can range from $300-$50,000 and up. A successful campaign is one where the budget matches the benchmark goals and has been planned out accordingly for the amount of spend each month. It also requires advertisements and landing pages that have been optimized to have the highest conversion rates.

For example, your business is required to grow 5% each month for the fiscal year and your business has allocated $250,000 to advertisements for the year. Dividing the total yearly budget by the number of months allocates $20,833 for the average monthly spend. If you are in a market with the average cost-per-click is $2.89 this will indicate your monthly budget will bring 7,208 additional visitors to your website. If your website carries a conversion rate of 3.5% this would equate to 252 conversions, leads or sales.

Website Conversion Rate

Perhaps one of the most important and over looked aspects of online marketing is your websites conversion rate. What is a conversion? This is any action taken by website traffic where the traffic fills out a lead form or makes a purchase. The conversion rate is the percentage at which traffic makes a conversion. Ultimately, the higher your conversion rates are the more revenue your business will realize from the online advertisements.

The conversion rate is also one of the only direct variables that a business has control over. The other direct variable is the monthly spend. Often businesses do not want to spend more on advertisements but they do not have control over market rates for online advertisements. This is why it is common practice to continually test different variations of advertisements and landing pages in effort to continually improve and increase the website, advertisement or landing page’s conversion rate.

In the example used in the advertisement budget above, we had shown a 3.5% conversion rate which equaled 252 conversions. If this conversion rate was able to be increased to just 7% there would be 504 conversions for the same amount of monthly ad spend. Simply put, an increase in the conversion rate in this example substantially exceeded the 5% business goal by increasing the conversions 200% for the month.

Quality of Advertisements

There are preset standards across the different advertisement networks that must be followed. Adhering to these guidelines helps to have the advertisements shown in more preferential locations as well as attracting a larger audience.

Quality of Landing Page

The landing page is the page the individual is brought to after they click on your advertisement. This is the page that holds the conversion form or product you are selling. This can also be a portal page that has information, video or content that the user can consume and make a decision to click further into your website. The landing page is the largest factor that influences conversions rates. Having undeveloped or low quality landing pages can result in blown monthly budgets with few to no conversions.

To make sure you have the highest conversion rate possible the landing page must be thoroughly examined. Not by one person, but by a team of experts. People who have spent a life time maximizing landing page revenue. However, this is not enough either. The landing page must also be tested in front of a live audience and in front of your targeted audience. Different variations of landing pages must be created, sampled and tested to find the elements that cause the users to either convert or click through to your conversion page.

Landing Page Message and Audience

Online we are not living in a small world. When you enter the world of online advertisements, you are competing against everyone else selling similar products or services. This means a certain level of quality must be achieved with your landing page. Years of research has shown us that dozens of individual advertisements can no longer point to a single landing page. Each landing page must directly match the advertisement that sent the traffic there. Otherwise, visitors will leave and the budget will be spent without conversions.

Advertisement Audience and Messages

When AOM Services or your design team is creating the advertisements to be used there is a preset audience the ad is being built for. Often the marketing team has identified this audience. It is important that these ads are then shown to that targeted audience and budget dollars are not wasted showing ads to individuals who would not convert from reading your message.

We take care in proofing the advertisement when building the advertisement network to match your message to your targeted audience. This further helps to attract the traffic that will be more likely to convert which increases your ROI from online advertisements.

Targeted Audience and Segmentation

Whether you are selling diapers for babies, car parts for repair facilities or goodie bags for grandma…you have a targeted audience. Some businesses have identified their targeted audience, others have a few ideas while yet some businesses think their target audience is everyone in the world. If you have an unlimited budget, then by all means feel free to target everyone. If your business has a fixed budget, defining a targeted audience then segmenting this audience can help keep costs low and conversion rates high.

Finding the targeted audience online can be a tricky business. This is why we have procured a method of targeted online advertisements that allow advertisers to place their message directly in front of individuals who are most likely to buy their products.

Additionally, we take a look at the targeted audience and segment it even further to create segments of which we can build specific advertisements for. Often some of these segmentations are based on psychographics and demographics that include: age, race, gender, states, cities, religion, language, cultural, heart and soul, health, professional, industry verticals, political, interests, hobbies, technology, foods and beverages, travel, play and quirks.

Targeted Device

We use segmentations to tell us how we should create online advertisements. For example, we know that 78% of people 18-34 use only their mobile phone to access Facebook. We would then develop a mobile advertisement campaign to target these users if social networks were selected for the advertisement network of choice for that campaign.

For every audience and segmentation of the audience a different device might be preferred. Performing the market research will allow the correct data to be utilized so your business will only be paying for highly effective, targeted online advertisements that are specific to your segmented audience’s device.

Advertisement Remarketing

The law of 21 states that in today’s time everyone is bombarded with ads and an advertiser must reach an individual with their ad, message or brand an average of 21 times before they will become a conversion.

If you are building advertisements, spend money to gather traffic to your landing page to only have the traffic leave your site before converting…how do you get these same people to see your message again?

It is called remarketing. It is the process of cookie tracking which allows millions of people to be easily tracked across the internet. These display networks then bid for advertisements and if a user is identified with your tracking cookie, your advertisement is again showed to the individual who left your site.

Length of Advertisement Campaigns

There are literally hundreds of reasons to build advertisement campaigns. Maybe your business needs to sell more products or your business needs an increase in brand name recognition…whatever the case might be each advertisement campaign is unique to the goals and allocated budget. Some campaigns can be successful in 3 weeks, while others can be successful all year. The length of the advertisement campaign is based entirely on your business goals and budget.

Benchmark Goals of Advertisement Campaigns

Benchmark goals are predetermined outcomes the campaign should meet upon successful completion. These goals include timelines, growth and conversion goals. Often these goals are aligned with business objectives like the example used earlier where the company expected a 5% growth each month for the fiscal year.


Our rates are determined by the size of the advertisement campaign. The monthly budget is determined solely by your business.

All packages include the following:

  • Advertisement Network Consultation and Selection
  • Advertisement Budget and Review
  • Website Conversion Rate Benchmark Goals
  • Targeted Audience Identification and Segmentation
  • Targeted Device Identification (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Creation of Quality of Advertisements
  • Creation of Quality of Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Conversion Rate A/B Split Testing Tracking and Modification
  • Advertisement Remarketing
  • Benchmark Goals of Advertisement Campaigns
  • Reporting

1-1 Monthly Package | 1 Flash based advertisement, multiple sizes and 1 Landing Page $795
2-2 Monthly Package | 2 Flash based advertisements, multiple sizes and 2 Landing Pages $1590
3-3 Monthly Package | 3 Flash based advertisements, multiple sizes and 3 Landing Pages $2385
4-4 Monthly Package | 4 Flash based advertisements, multiple sizes and 4 Landing Pages $3180
5-5 Monthly Package | 5 Flash based advertisements, multiple sizes and 5 Landing Pages $3975

Different rates apply for different numbers of advertisements and landing pages.
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